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Testimonials & Success Stories

The best way to understand how Carole works is to read about the experiences and successes of some of her former clients and their families and what other professional colleagues have to say.

Michele G.'s daughter Rachael (13 years old) worked with Carole for 4 years. Rachael is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS and global developmental delays. When Rachael began she had limited communication skills:

    When we began with Carole, two-way sustained communication, attending and engagement were all a major challenge for Rachael. Many sessions were spent increasing engagement and drawing Rachael into learning and opportunities.

    We have used both traditional and non-traditional therapies but none have given Rachael the abilities to learn and communicate effectively like Carole's approach. Carole began by understanding and meeting Rachael at here current level of functioning - then created methods and materials customized for Rachael's needs and from that, expanded her interests and capability to learn.

    Once Rachael was organized in her thinking and relating, Carole introduced language as a way to teach literacy skills. By using Carole's unique and highly individualized approach to learning, Rachael is now reading.

    She is able to demonstrate her knowledge, ask and answer questions, and string together long chains of communication. We didn't know if reading was ever a possibility, but it has become possible. Rachael is reading sentences.

    Carole is a true professional in her field. She is the only one that does what she does. She's dedicated, committed, creative and compassionate. She'll stop at nothing to ensure that each child reaches their goals and highest potential. Our lives are forever enriched because of her!

Sincerely, Michelle G.

Amy B.'s son, Noah, (2 and 1/2 years old) worked with Carole for 2 years. Noah has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. When Noah began he had limited communication skills:

    When my husband and I first met Carole Flynn at our first consultation we knew that there was something special about her. She was so energetic, compassionate and so understanding about the challenges we were dealing with.

    Our son Noah, then 2 and 1/2 years old, had been diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 22 months. At that time we started seeing Carole, Noah had only a few words and was beginning to use some sign language. We were also seeking speech therapy for Noah at a local college but never seemed to quite feel comfortable. He would usually cry for a good part of the session, take his aggression out by hitting me, and basically had no interest at all in what was being taught by the students and staff at the college.

    It wasn't until we came to see Carole that we saw a huge difference in his behavior. The first few times he was a little scared and unsure of what to think, but within a few visits Carole had his trust and it was amazing to see the transformation. Noah would get so excited to come and play with Carole that his eyes would light up as soon as we pulled in the parking lot. He would even start signing for Carole and couldn't wait to get in the door and start to play.

    It truly was remarkable to see the different signs he picked up and the new words that were beginning to come through as the sessions progressed. Each week my husband and I were just so excited about how much he had learned and how far he had come.

    Carole truly is an amazing person with the drive and dedication it takes to create success with each child. Carole helped develop plans for Noah's communication at home while also providing detailed information showing the strengths of sign language as a promoter for speech.

    With her aid, communication with Noah at home has improved greatly and also resulted in a more confident Noah.

-Amy B.

Marcela N's two sons Jimmy (8 years old) and Jacob (5 years old) worked with Carole for 2 years. Jimmy is on the autism spectrum, and has problems understanding the feelings and perspectives of others, trouble regulating his emotions, taking turns, and with focus. Jacob was diagnosed with selective mutism when he was three years old, and he has quite a lot of shyness and anxiety:

    Carole's approach is unique for each child. Her technique is multi-disciplinary, that combine elements of communication therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, play therapy and she also reinforces academics.

    Before Jacob started working with Carole, he would often shut down and refuse to speak. Carole helped our family identify the sometimes complex reasons Jacob would shut down. He had very little confidence, and would react fearfully or withdraw when he misunderstood the feelings and intentions of others. Jacob has developed skills he needed in communicating his likes and dislikes with confidence.

    Carole consistently provided a safe encouraging atmosphere in which Jacob could play and practice interactions and work through many of the issues causing him to withdraw in silence. Today, his preschool teachers acknowledge that Jacob is shy but are surprised to learn that he once never spoke in class. He raises his hand and will self-advocate or ask for instructions without hesitation. Jacob has worked with Carole both in sessions by himself and in joint sessions with his brother.

    Both Jimmy and Jacob have learned to let the other brother speak, without interruption, and listening to and understanding one another. They practice taking turns, listening and modifying their needs to accommodate the other person. These skills are challenging for all siblings, but especially ones on the autism spectrum or with anxiety, poor confidence or lack of social awareness.

    When things did not go the way he wanted or anticipated, Jimmy used to get very upset or very hyperactive. It took a long time for Jimmy to calm himself. Today, Jimmy is much more flexible and will communicate or self-advocate calmly before letting his emotions escalate. Jimmy has developed a more mature perspective on events that used to make him fearful, anxious, sad or disappointed.

    I have also seen Jimmy develop more confidence in the safe space Carole created for him to experiment with interactions and feelings. Today, when Jimmy does get upset, overly silly or hyperactive, I have seen him pull his wits together and turn himself around, moving on calmly to the next thing much sooner.

    I cannot imagine where our family would be today without Carole's support and help. She has been an invaluable resource to me as I have navigated through changes in the special education programs provided by the school. I am always eager to hear her thoughts and opinions.

Sincerely, Marcela N.

Cherilyn K.'s daughter (13 years old) worked with Carole for 2 years. Her daughter has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, OCD and Mood Disorder. When she began she had difficulty making friends and using appropriate social skills in her everyday life:

    We are the parents of a wonderful, smart, talented, spirited child who also has Aspergers Syndrome. Our daughter is thirteen years old, a difficult age for all children. Imagine being twelve years old and have never had a friend's birthday party, only with family. Birthday parties in our house have always been anticipated with pride, but also a heavy heart and tears not just from our daughter.

    Until this year when our daughter turned thirteen, we had not one but two beautiful celebrations. One with our daughters new friends from her "Friday Night Girls' Club" that she attends at Carole Flynn's "Children's Language Development Solutions" program.

    We filled our house with beautiful flowers, outrageous decorations, the finest food I could make and a three tiered birthday cake and a makeup artist to come do the girls makeup. This year there were still tears, but only those of pure joy.

    On Friday nights our daughter has plans, she meets her friends to "hang out". They may eat pizza, design their own sneakers, go to a restaurant or out for ice cream. What she is really getting from this is not only skills and how to act in everyday social life that we all take for granted, but a sense of belonging in a safe, nurturing, and fun group.

    How Aspergers presents in our child is along with high intelligence, she is very determined with a fierce need for control. So much so that we have had more therapists over the years who have given up than I can count, in their words "maybe a fresh perspective would be more helpful" - just another way of saying she is too complicated for me.

    There were two incidents that happened this year within Carole's group, one where our daughter did not like what was said to her and another where she said something that frightened everyone in the room. The first time this happened she stormed out and refused to go back. We as her parents had been down this road and we nor therapists have never been able to get her to rebound from this. Although she was hesitant to speak to Carole about this she finally did (a huge step for our daughter). She was able to move on from the issue and returned to the group. The second time was more severe because she felt embarrassed that she scared everyone, but was again able to return with Carole's help.

    We could not help her with this as much as we tried, it was Carole who just would not give up! Carole was relentless, meeting with me to brainstorm ideas, right down to tailoring the group around our daughter. Even when I told Carole she does not want to come back to the group, Carole's response was "well come meet with me anyway, I want to help her even if she does not want to return to the group, I care about her and want to help". This was such a far cry from the "maybe you need a fresh perspective".

    From these experiences in the group my daughter is learning how to be flexible when faced with these challenges which has been one of her main goals on her IEP since preschool. Nobody has ever been able to make any progress in that area until Carole got involved.

    When your child is handed a diagnosis that will impact their lives so greatly the one thing as a parent you hang on to is that there will be Doctors and professionals that work tireless to help your child, but after a while you realize it just is not the case.        If you are lucky you will find someone who really cares and sees the beautiful things and potential in your child the way you do, this is Carole and this is what every child deserves, she is an angel.

    There is a well known poem "Welcome to Holland" written by a mother of a special needs child, in this poem she tells so beautifully what it really feels like to have a special needs child. In one part she says "you will meet wonderful people you never would have met" this poem is very near and dear to my heart and I always think of Carole when I reflect on this lovely writing. We are looking forward to our Friday nights for a long time to come.

- Cherilyn and Chris

Carole works and collaborates closely with educators, therapists and other professionals to help your child develop and reach their full potential. Here's what Beth Boyce, a speech and language pathologist who has worked with Carole has to say:

    As a speech/language pathologist in the Marlborough Public Schools, I have had the opportunity over the past three years to work closely with Carole Flynn. Carole is an outstanding professional who typically works with our most communicatively challenged students. Through her patience, diligence and commitment to her students, she has achieved amazing results.

    I have observed Carole working with a diverse range of students including those who are cognitively impaired, non-verbal, non-communicative, as well as children who are on the spectrum.

    Carole takes time to get to know each child, and to establish a caring and trusting rapport with both the child and their family. She devises innovative plans for each of her students which are unique and individualized based on the needs of the child and their family.

    She has knowledge of language acquisition and development which serves the student as she creates and implements her plans for the child to succeed in developing vocabulary and language skills, concepts, social interactions, and expression of basic needs, ideas, emotions and interests.

    Carole uses a variety of techniques to facilitate each individual child’s progress including sign language, play, picture boards, games, music, and materials which are of interest to the child and serve to motivate them in learning. Her students love her and enjoy working with her.

    She has the ability to ‘get students to do things’. I have witnessed children whose communication skills were limited to vocalizations and choosing between two objects or pictures in order to indicate basic needs, learn to use complete sentences and to initiate, of their own volition, an interaction based on their interests. She has even taught some of her most challenged students to read.

    I have watched students who acted out in frustration due to their inability to communicate, learn appropriate behaviors and become happier and more cooperative because of improved communication skills resulting from Carole’s work. The skills are not only for functional or practical purposes, but are the basis for the relationships that her students have with their families, peers and teachers.

    She is truly giving her students and their families a ‘gift’.Carole is invested in every child she interacts with and she clearly believes in their ability to learn and progress. She has proven over and over that “it is never too late and that you never know how far they can go”. It has been my pleasure to work with her and to learn from her!

-Beth Boyce, Speech/Language Pathologist

Jana, a lead ABA therapist in a substantially separate classroom has to say about her professional experience working with Carole:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Carole Flynn for the past three years. Throughout this time, Carole has proved herself to be a strong, empathetic, and honest individual who dedicates her life to helping those with special needs and their families. Our professional relationship began when Carole served as Marlborough Public Schools District Sign Language Consultant.

    I would meet with Carole and the speech and language pathologist weekly to establish a total communication approach to learning and communicating within the substantially separate classroom. Within this classroom instruction is delivered based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help develop academic and social skills in the context of structured teaching sessions, as well as, providing instruction to increase the independence of students.

    This is where Carole’s expertise in language development came into play. Carole provided my classroom with a sight word reading program that she developed based on the kindergarten reading curriculum used within the general education classroom, provided hands on sign language training to solidify students’ communicative attempts, and helped create social skills groups that were focused around language development.

    Her commitment to her job and educational material and tools should be commended. Within this consultative time, she personally opened my eyes to her ability to receptively and expressively communicate with students with a variety of needs.

In particular, Carole helped reach one student on a level that is impressive. This student had a diagnosis of autism and severe cognitive disabilities. He was non-verbal, had limited communication, and engaged in high rates of aggressive behaviors. He had emerging skills in the area of sign language and Carole helped teach this child to communicate his basic wants and needs.

    She was able to work with the family and the professionals on his team to provide a collaborative multi-modal approach to language development. To this day, when this student sees Carole, he lights up and immediately gravities to her, holds her hand, and communicates in any way he can to her. This connection is the student’s way to show gratitude to Carole and a subliminal “thank you.”

    This story is only one of many. Since Carole’s transition to opening her business, Children’s Language Development Solutions, I have extended my professional relationship to personally support her business. I believe in the work she does and have recommended her services to many of the families that I work with. It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to support Carole and her continued efforts to support children and their families.

-Jana Amaroso-Gustafson, ABA Substantially Separate Lead Therapist

Here is what other parents and professionals have to say about working with Carole:

We have seen tremendous improvement in our son's ability to make conversation in a variety of social situations. He has been able to transfer the myriad skills he works on with Carole, such as making eye contact and listening and responding to the other speaker, all in a natural way. We are very pleased with his progress!

-Lisa T. / Parent

Carole has used her incredible talent to understand my adult son as an individual, and has adapted her approach and teaching methods to his specific learning style. This has resulted in a significant increase in his functional communication. Carole Flynn is a pioneer in her field!

-Margaret L. / Parent

Thank you for a wonderful job; great professionalism, excellent strategies, for your vision and help with Nicole. This is of a great impact in the life and future of Nicole. Your intervention helped her teachers, therapists and other persons in the school understand what Nicole expressed. I hope you continue helping other children that need to communicate, and that you continue to excel in your profession. We will always remember you.

-Nichole and Family / Parent

I cannot thank Carole enough for the all of the skills and renewed passion that she has given us- she is an inspiration and is so wonderful to share her gifts with us all. Her love of children and passion for helping them succeed is contagious- if only more teachers could work with Carole!

-Allie Dingman / Therapy Riding Instructor

Thank you for the visual materials that will go in our Fire Trucks to help us deal with the autistic population and others who have difficulty communicating. I loved Carole's approach and strategies to help keep all calm and make it easier to work with those who have trouble communicating!

-William Miles, Fire Chief, Sudbury, MA Fire Department

If you would like to read more of what our parent and professionals have to say, please open the attached set of testimonial letters.

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