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Professional Development - Carole has given the following courses at schools, Solutions for Success, Utilizing Sign Language in the Classroom - I and II, and A Total Communication Approach to Learning. They can be scheduled at your facility and customized to meet the needs of your staff.

Solutions For Success - (90 minutes) This workshop offers concrete and actionable ideas to facilitate and improve your impact with your students as it pertains to: Language & Communication, Behavior, Social and Emotional Skills, Achieve Individualized Goals, and Build Self Esteem. This workshop is specifically designed for educators, and professionals, who work with children that may be on the autism spectrum or have other issues or complex challenges with language, communication and learning. The basic fundamentals of the workshop focuses on the successful use of sign language as a facilitator for communication and learning with non hearing impaired students.

Emergency Responders Training: Overcoming Communication Challenges - This hands-on three hour training helps emergency responders better communicate with those that have autism and other disabilities that affect one's ability to communicate. It includes communication disorders they may encounter, with a focus on autism - what it is, how someone with autism thinks, how to identify someone with autism, how someone with autism will behave and communicate, how to successfully interact with someone with autism, and visuals to help facilitate communication. It also includes sign language and the basic signs for an emergency situation, Alphabet, and numbers 1-20.

Utilizing Sign Language in the Classroom - (10hr Mini Course) This hands-on curriculum based course is specifically designed for educators and other professionals who work with children who have language and learning challenges, or for those working with young children who are developing language. Each week you will learn new signs that you can immediately, and effectively implement, to help your students achieve their individualized educational goals: language / communication, academic, behavioral, social / emotional as well as build self-esteem.

Sign Language Training / Workshop for TR Instructors (Therapeutic Riding Instructors) - This hands-on introductory sign language course is specifically designed for TR instructors who work with children who have language, learning and social challenges. Each week you will learn new signs and strategies that you can immediately and effectively implement to help facilitate and improve language, communication, behavior, social and emotional skills, achieve individualized goals and build self esteem. Weekly discussions are utilized to develop custom tailored signs, strategies and materials to help you meet the individual needs of your children.

For more information inquire within at [email protected]

Carole Flynn, M.Ed. Special Needs / Language

1 West 34th Street, Suite 1201

New York, NY 10001

(212) 564-9405

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